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2024-2025 Government Affordability Grants and Childcare Subsidy

All parents of children in Alberta zero to kindergarten age will benefit from reduced fees through affordability grants. Funding is provided directly to our agency and is used to reduce parent fees. In addition to the affordability grants, parents of children zero to kindergarten age that make an annual income of $180,000 or less per year will get additional subsidies to further reduce parent fees.

Grant Amounts for Full Time Care

$ 487 /mo maximum
  • $487 for Infants (under 19 months)
  • $452 for Toddlers (19 months to under 3 years)
  • $417 for Preschool Age (3 years to Kindergarten)

Grant Amounts for Part Time Care

$ 175 /mo maximum
  • $175 for Infants (under 19 months)
  • $162.50 for Toddlers (19 months to under 3 years)
  • $150 for Preschool Age (3 years to Kindergarten)

Subsidy Amounts

$ 266 /mo maximum
  • Subsidy Amount / Family Income
  • $266 ($0 to $119,999)
  • $253 ($120,000 to $124,999)
  • $239 ($125,000 to $129,999)
  • $226 ($130,000 to $134,999)
  • $213 ($135,000 to $139,999)
  • $200 ($140,000 to $144,999)
  • $186 ($145,000 to $149,999)
  • $173 ($150,000 to $154,999)
  • $160 ($155,000 to $159,999)
  • $146 ($160,000 to $164,999)
  • $133 ($165,000 to $169,999)
  • $120 ($170,000 to $174,999)
  • $106 ($175,000 to $179,999)
  • Part time rates are pro-rated based on hours (80 hrs = 80%)


If you don’t see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Yes, as a licensed agency, you will have access to government funding for childcare. Eligible families can receive both the Federal Affordability Grant and the Alberta Childcare Subsidy.

Both types of funding are paid directly to our program. You will need to apply for subsidy once you have chosen your dayhome. There is no action on your part to receive the government grants. We will apply both fundings (if applicable) towards your fees.

The Alberta Childcare Subsidy program helps families who attend regulated child care programs (including Child Development Dayhomes) with childcare costs. The subsidy amount you will receive is based on your family income. Families with a combined income of under $180,000 are eligible. Please see the Subsidy chart above.

This is part of Alberta's agreement with the federal government to reduce average cost of childcare to $10/day by 2026 and is available only to regulated childcare programs (like Child Development Dayhomes). The amounts are based on your child(ren)'s age and contract hours. See the Affordability Charts above. We apply for this funding and it will go directly to your fees. There is no action that needs to be taken on your part.

Being introduced in 2024, there will be a minimum parent fee of $217.50 per month for full time care (100+ hours) before subsidy and $100 per month for part time child care (50-99 hours) before subsidy.

The parent fee is the Child Care Fee (before Affordability Grant and subsidy funding) minus the Affordability Grant funding rate. If this results in a parent fee of less than $217.50/mo before subsidy, the amount of the Affordability Grant will be proportionately reduced to maintain the minimum parent fee of $217.50 per month (or $100 per month for part-time) before subsidy.

If you want to switch to our agency from another daycare or a different day home agency, it is as simple as changing the name of the program on the online Change of Information form. After completing the Change of Information Form, please provide the confirmation page that contains the EDMI number and your Subsidy Approval Letter and we will take care of the rest!

  • Valid Alberta drivers' license or Alberta ID card
  • Line 150 (total income) from your most recent notice of assessment
  • SIN number

Alberta childcare subsidy website:

For other questions please contact the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992.