By Ruthchel Solatorio, Dayhome Educator in Fort McMurray

After breakfast, I invited the children for our first activity of the day, painting rocks. We used the rocks we collected from the park/playground. The children were so excited when I told them it’s time to paint the treasures (rocks) we found outside. Before we started painting, Sophia and Weston helped their little friends with putting the artists’ smocks. They both love to help.

They each carefully painted their rocks and set them aside. I noticed that Sophia started adding colour to her nails, and then painted her left arm too. She loved the results of her skin art that she decided to paint both of her arms. Ava was wondering what was Sophia doing. She studied her and slowly started painting her hand. She was mimicking Sophia. Eric then followed and painted his hands too!

After painting, each child washed their hands and were ready for morning snacks.


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